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$10 cards  for PINLESS DIALING

$20 cards for PINLESS DIALING

Use this web page to order the same International Cellular cards (with exactly the same rates and exactly the same terms and conditions) but with pinless dialing. Here is how cards with pinless dialing work:

1.  Dial a toll-free access number.

2.  Enter your PIN number. 

3.  Our system's caller ID will recognize the phone number you are calling from, and the system will ask you if you wish to register that number for pinless dialing.

4.1.  If you agree, in the future when you dial the toll-free access number (from Step 1) to place calling card calls, you will never be asked for your PIN number. 

4.2.  If you don't agree to register the phone number you are calling from, the system will let you use your card just like always, and you will need to enter your PIN every time you call from that number.

5.  If at any time you want to add more funds to your account, please place a new order from this web page. We will then provide you with a new PIN, and the system's toll-free access number (from Step 1) will let you use that PIN to transfer the balance to your account. 

If you would rather order International Cellular cards without pinless dialing, please click here. 

IMPORTANT:  Register the phone number for pinless dialing ONLY if you are sure that nobody else is going to use the system's toll-free access number (from Step 1) from your phone without your authorization. Please note that after you register your phone number for pinless dialing, anybody who has access to your phone can call the system's toll-free number and place calls by using your phone card.   




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